Gifts & Gift Certificates

Giving a report as a gift: 
Click order > download > do the PayPal thing > click return to astrorobin> fill out order form and submit.
1. The easiest way is to select the report you want to give, and click the order button.
2. You will be sent to the download page for that report.
3. Click the download link, to be sent to Paypal.
4. login if you have a PayPal account, or fill out the card info if not.
5. Click Review Order and Continue.  The order details appear.
6. Click the Pay Now button.
7. Click the Return to button.
 You will be sent to the order form for your product.  Fill it out, and click submit.  You order details will be sent, and we will send the report as a .pdf file.  You can print it out, or forward it to gift recipient.
Gift Certificates:  Go to the Personal Consultation page and contact Robin.  She will take your order by phone and set up delivery of the gift to your specifications.
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