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  Personal Consultations are Available  

Personal Consultations are Available

Types of Consultations:

We start with a phone call just to discuss what you're looking for, and what I need, to get you the very best results, such as birth info for the parties involved.  Then we set a schedule for the telephone consultation for when you can be on the phone with me for 1 -2 hours.  Don't worry, this will be on my phone bill.  I will record the session to CD and send them to you via priority mail

I. Robin's All Out No BS Everything Reading.
The first time with Robin reading includes:
   . A concise analysis of your natal chart - what you were born with.
   . Full one year forecast, which covers what's coming up for you in 
     the areas of personal relationships, work, health, and much more.
   . Timing - this is very important, so the focus is on the when as 
      much as the what.
   . Your session will usually be about 1.5 hours.  
   . Your interactive session will be recorded.  Your CDs will be sent 
      via Priority Mail. You can listen, make notes on your planner, 
      and even call Robin if you have more questions about 
      your reading; for no additional charge.  Your price for all this is $295.
II. Robin's NO BS One Year Forecast. This forecast is the same as
the one above, except the natal chart analysis is not done. All the same, but only $195.

III. Robin's Almost Instant Answers. This is a neat way to get a quick answer
to your important question. Calls are limited to approximately 15 minutes. Only $29.95

How to order consultations:
  call 888-41-ROBIN (888-417-6246).

You can also email me at RobinC at

This is a special email address for consultations. Please provide birth data for all persons involved if possible. Give us at least a first name, birth date, birth time as close as possible, and the birth place.
Note that the phone is busy a lot; you may get voicemail.
If so, leave a message and best time to call. Messages are cleared every two hours.
Payment: Consultations are not billed in advance,
but at the start of the session, except for gifts. Visa/MC/Amex.
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