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Alright - Here's the scoop from your No BS Astrologer.  This is where to find out if he or she is a keeper, or just a friend with benefits.  For your sanity, and to reduce pain, read this report before you move in together!  This includes any kind of room mate.
WarningIf your relationship is new, you may want to read this report by yourself, before making the decision to share it with a lover or potential lover.  It can be very revealing!

To order this special report, you need the birth data for both parties, whether the analysis is about a love relationship, or other (friend, relative etc.), and the sex of both parties.  We all want to know about our love relationships, but suppose you want to better understand how to deal with your business partner who is the same sex as you; or maybe your mother-in-law?

This is our most requested report after Astro*Talk.   Many people are shocked by how accurate it is!


Last Updated: 05, 20, 2011 at 1:20 AM

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