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  Horoscope Price List - as of July 26, 2010  

Horoscope Price List - as of July 26, 2010

Personal Consultations
   I.   My All Out No BS Everything + 1 year forecast -       $295
  II.   The No BS One Year Forecast.                                    195               
 III.   Almost Instant AnswersAsk me almost anything!        29.95
Personal Forecast Reports
(select the menu item for detail descriptions)
TimeLines - A full one year forecast.  See details                     39.95
Solar Return - A full year forecast based on the
exact date and time the Sun returns to the   exact point
where it was at birth, nearest your next birthday.                       16.95
SkyLog - A full year forecast based on transits and
progressions.  Authored by Steven Forrest.                              25.95
Life Progressions - A look at the future you
as your natal planet progress in time.                                          6.95
Lunar Return - The monthly details of the instant
the Moon returns to its position at your birth.                            6.95
Natal Reports
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Astro*Talk - Our most advanced, yet easy to read natal report. 
Very comprehensive.                                                               16.95
Heaven Knows What - This is the natal report to get
 if the birth time is unknown.                                                    16.95
Just For Women - Just what it says.  Great natal report
authored by Gloria Star.                                                          16.95
Child*Star - Possibly the best gift you could give a new parent! 
See the description.                                                                16.95
Past Lives - Clarification on lessons to learn this time.            16.95
Your Spiritual Path - Please see the description.                   16.95
Natal chart - Sign up, and your chart is free;
 included with another gift.  Otherwise                                      1.00
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