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What Others Say -

To have Robin for your personal astrologer is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!

Robin has been my astrologer for many years. I met her on an airplane on a flight to Boson, and  as fate would have it,  she was seated next to me on the return trip as well. She has been my friend and astrologer since then.  What I love is that she is always there for me. 
Once she even returned my urgent call while she was in Cabo!  I know she truly cares about me.

 Carol Watkins,  Los Angeles   September 2009

I greatly appreciate my readings and reports from Robin.

I read my DayWatch daily forecast every morning, before I do anything else.

This helps me prepare for a high energy day or a day I may need to 

do more inside work.  The reports give me direction and remind me

not to push against the universe.


I utilize the reports for personal as well as business guidance.

I have referred my own clients to Robin and Jon because I trust

their work.


Lisa Long, MSW, CCP                        (Lisa is a Elite DayWatch member)

Center For The Self of Sedona

I have been receiving my readings from Robin for quite a few years now and they always offer plenty of insight. I particularly appreciate the Mercury retrograde warnings..... I met Robin on a trip to the USA and she generously shared her home with me and my family. At the time I was going through quite a lot of transitions in my life and she offered to do a reading. I was blown away by "what was in store" but with forecasted guidance and understanding I was eventually steered through huge changes in my life. All that she had informed be about eventuated and has proven to be real, even years later. I look back on those times and laugh now. It was a big learning curve which Robin helped me through. So, I thank you Robin - for your talent, wisdom & abilities. I would recommend Robin to anyone.

Trudi Livesley, NSW, Australia      October 1, 2009

Robin Collier has been my personal astrologer since we met in a supermarket checkout line in Pleasant Hill, California many years ago. She was discussing a  particular astrological cycle with the lady in front of us and my ears perked up at the conversation. I asked permission to join in, and we have been fast friends ever since. Over the years, Robin has enlightened me about the many cycles of life we can gauge with the help of astrology.  

Far from using astrology for fortune-telling, Robin has mastered the movements of the heavenly bodies as "God's signposts" that can enable us to understand ourselves and our lives within the framework of a larger canvas. The stars do not compel us to do anything, nor do they have they any power over us.


Understanding the movements of the heavenly bodies can simply give us more information which helps us plan and improve our personal lives and our careers. It even helps us relate on a deeper level to politics, the economy and the interaction of nations. Robin has been instrumental in giving me more tools with which to manage my life. Her astrological charts are like a roadmap that helps me better prepare myself for the year ahead and schedule more effectively.


Clinnon Alexander. J.D.

Dunnellon, Florida

Robin is my astrologer since May 2005. In spite of a minor language barrier, she helped me understand what is going on in my family life, and for my ongoing changes in my personal goals. She helped me see my business from above my daily involvement of working in it. I think I make better decisions for the business now. Beyond all that, she is a friend I can call on. I know she cares.

Lillian Kuang, New York, NY      July 6, 2006

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